eMines - About Us

When volunteering in our children's classes, we discovered the need for hands-on interactive math games that are fun. After working with the teachers and students, we developed our first game, Roll ’n Multiply. The game helped many children become actively engaged in learning multiplication. Roll ’n Multiply also challenged more proficient math students in multiplication and strategy skills.

We now offer 10 math games. Each game introduces different basic math skills and reinforces math concepts necessary to succeed in school. The games are fun and can easily fit into small slots of extra time in the classroom or at home.

In the classroom, our games encourage cooperative learning in highly motivating ways. They provide young students with early and valuable experience in working and solving problems together.

At home, playing our games will help you interact and have fun with your children! These math games provide a much-needed opportunity to talk, laugh, and develop key memories and family traditions - in addition to learning mathematics.

We believe that when children are having fun, they learn. And when children learn, they succeed.

Raymond & Kathy